Expert Trial and Mediation Consulting 

Verdict Success, a specialized trial and mediation consulting firm, delivers credible scientific analyses and insightful jury behavior evaluations to minimize uncertainties and maximize trial and mediation performance. Our services - venue bias evaluation, communication strategy development, damage mitigation strategies, mediation communication, scientific jury selection, and trial presentation - are effective litigation tools for legal teams. Our solid science and depth of experience, combined with seasoned insight, produce reliable knowledge and more effective strategies that facilitate rewarding results.

Benefits we deliver

Venue Bias Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the impact of venue on liability and damages.
  • Exposure of polluted venues and credible support for change of venue declarations and motions.

Communication Strategy Development

  • Strong communication strategies derived from information gained from mock trials, focus groups, online surveys, case scenario research, virtual shadow juries, and expert case assessments.
  • Advantages include persuasive theme development, layperson language, graphics, and strategies for addressing liability and damages in mediation, voir dire, openings, testimony, and closings.
  • Reveal hindsight bias and present the best counter-facts.
  • Expert communication feedback to enhance witness preparation.

Damage Mitigation Strategies

  • Jury ratings of potential damages and award levels enable better settlement decision-making and strategies for addressing damages.
  • Mitigation strategies for dealing with admitted liability or facing a potential runaway jury.

Mediation Communication

  • Stronger position for party presentation and strength of case.
  • Stronger negotiation strategy with jury research findings to bolster position in open or closed sessions.

Intelligent Cause and Peremptory Challenges

  • Accurate identification of potential juror bias (e.g., culture, employment status, experience, generation, lifestyle, occupation, SES, and media influences) through scientific testing.
  • Adhere to Batson and J.E.B. rulings.
  • Deselection strategies during voir dire.
  • Exposure of biasing social media communications and associations with trial participants.

Optimize Trial Presentation

  • Opportunity to rehearse and refine presentation styles and graphics in a mock trial setting.
  • Stronger witness presentation at trial.

Verdict Success, based in Los Angeles, is experienced in complex, civil proceedings in state and federal venues throughout the United States.

Want to know more? Contact Cynthia Cohen at (310) 545-7914 or via email to for additional details and to learn how the expert trial and mediation services of Verdict Success can be custom tailored for a perfect fit to your case, your firm, and your client.